The EU Policy-Making Continues Amid the Pandemic

While EU Member States are increasing the intensity of COVID-19 related restrictions, including curbs on non-essential travel, the EU Institutions are trying best to keep Europe together and to push through their policy and legislative agenda.

On 19 October 2020 the European Commission its work programme for 2021, containing an ambitious list of legislative and policy initiatives, which will be dealt with in the next 12 months, many of them aimed at accelerating the recovery from the COVID-19 - inflicted crisis, but also covering a wide range of other topics. The European legislative wheels will continue to turn in a steady and determined pace.  

In these circumstances, with the number of face-to-face meetings in decline, and with reduced possibilities to travel, the value of dedicated, professional, and well-connected EU law and policy advisors, present in Brussels, will only increase. At Acquis EU Law & Policy we stand ready – fully committed and equipped – to assist our existing and prospective clients.

We believe in the success of the EU project and are keen to contribute to the success of our clients. COVID-19 will not change our determination and commitment.

COVID-19 will not change it.  

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