About Us

The name "Acquis" is derived from the term "Acquis Communautaire" or "Community Acquis"  - which means the total of accumulated European legislation, legal acts, and court decisions which constitute the body of European Law. The "Community Acquis" is dynamic and constantly in development. Just like our firm - Acquis EU Law & Policy

Based on a strong professional track record and past performance, Acquis EU Law & Policy was established as an independent boutique firm with the ambition to create a truly collaborative international platform for our clients and professional partners.

Acquis is headquartered in Brussels, but operates - through its exclusive affiliated partners in a number of EU capitals. 

Our focus is on EU Law and policy, including the external relations of the European Union. The team at Acquis consists of a mix of lawyers and policy experts, passionate about what they do and so much fun to work with.

It is our ambition to work seamlessly with partners around the world, including the United States and Washington DC in particular. In the interest of our clients, it is important to establish and nourish a Transatlantic link between the two most important policy and regulatory centers in the world: Brussels and Washington DC. Another strength is our European network of experts bringing in their perspective and expertise from a variety of the Member States of the European Union.

We represent client interests at the level of the EU Institutions and make sure that through campaign-based policy and regulatory advocacy, their voices are heard throughout the EU's policy and legislative procedures. Collectively we contribute to the EU's consultative legislative process in which the participation of stakeholders is a "conditio sine qua non" for better legislation. 

Our clients include international corporations, public sector institutions, industry associations/federations and foreign governments and their diplomatic missions. 

We attach great value to transparency and good governance and are registered in the EU's Transparency Register.

International Advisory Board

Acquis is in the process of establishing an International Advisory Board, bringing additional expertise to the team that will be of significant relevance in strengthening our capabilities and relevance. This for the benefit of our clients and our own team. The International Advisory Board will also form an essential element in maintaining a think-tank function at our firm.