Diplomatic Training Sessions

The Programme 
Our media training workshops are being compiled in cooperation with and tailored to the media and public diplomacy-related ambitions of the teams at third-country embassies. Based on our experience at Acquis EU Law & Policy, it is of benefit for diplomatic missions of third countries with accreditations in Brussels (EU and bilateral) to familiarise themselves with and further enhance their capacity on media and communications, and in particular to benefit from the experience and expertise of local experts from the field. All Sessions are led by experts from the world of academia, journalism, the EU Institutions and Acquis EU Law & Policy.

Sessions on Offer

  • The concept of a free press, freedom of expression, and the role of journalism & media in the European society.
  • The Belgian and EU/ Brussels media landscape: An introduction of printed media, online, and TV (as well as practical engagement with the relevant stakeholders).
  • How news media work and select their stories – why should they bother about your story?
  • Social media: “Everyone is now a journalist and opinion maker”. How to optimise the effect of self-generated content. The dangers & pitfalls of social media engagement.
  • Social media as an instrument of the EU’s public diplomacy: An overview and ways to engage
  • “Fake News”: How unchallenged lies, false facts and half-truth can undermine democracy, and what Europe is doing about it. An overview of institutional and organisational fact-checking and the various initiatives have been launched to address the issue of “fake news”.
  • Supply & demand: How to get your point across and reach journalists. The session covers the different types of media contributions in the written press: news items/press releases, op-ed articles, features and background stories, paid content, advertorials.
  • Drafting and distributing a press release: Various steps, templates and methodology. (Methodology, Distribution, Picking a topic, doing the research, getting the facts,  Why and what do you want to communicate, Drafting – style and language, Templates) 

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