EU Policy, Regulatory & Government Affairs

EU Policy, Regulatory & Government Affairs Services for International Corporations and Industry Associations and Federations

We ensure that the voice of our clients is heard during the EU policy debates and legislative processes. We monitor, analyse and report policy developments and develop strategies for our clients to engage effectively with the EU Institutions.

We assist in managing political, regulatory and business risks and help our clients to address legal challenges.  

As part of the past performance, high-level - and often complex - client engagements were successfully undertaken. Clients include international corporations operating in highly regulated sectors including banking & financial services, technology/e-commerce, consumer goods, energy, telecommunication, agro/food and aerospace & defense.

A variety of EU-focused industry associations and federations have been part of the client portfolio. The team has collective experience in setting up and managing such associations (running the association's secretariat).

Various initiatives to establish EU-focused business councils for third countries (outside the EU) have been undertaken.

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