Our Vision

At Acquis we believe in the European Union (EU). A strong, well-functioning EU is the best guarantee for socio-economic prosperity and regional peace and security. We support – and are committed to contribute to - the ambitions of the EU to strengthen its role in international relations & trade and to further develop and improve the EU’s internal market functioning. We want to share our knowledge, experience and insights.

For policy making and legislation, the EU benefits from consultative processes rooted in the European Treaties, through which stakeholders are invited to engage with the European Institutions to share their views and positions on policy development and legislation. Interest representation at EU level for private or public sector operators, industry federations or associations, or third-countries (outside the EU) is thus of mutual benefit for these stakeholders as well as for the EU Institutions. At Acquis EU Law & Policy we commit to contribute to optimise these benefits.

Developing and implementing sound strategies for EU engagement is one of our strengths. In our client engagement we dedicate ample time and expertise at senior level throughout the life-cycle of every case at hand. We are lawyers and EU public policy experts that gained ample professional experience by previously working in the EU Institutions, diplomacy, law and public & government affairs. Our team does not only practice law and policy as it stands, it also contributes to institutional reforms and new features that strengthen the functioning and appreciation of the EU and the implementation of its policies more broadly.

Clients that worked with us have lauded the experience. Hands-on engagement, quality of our work, high degrees of responsiveness and creativity in our approach are most quoted strengths. We manage our costs and overhead to contribute to the cost-effectiveness of our operations, sharing those benefits with our clients reflected in fair service fees.

You can rely on our expertise, experience and the mix of seniority and a new generation of talented EU Law & policy practitioners.  Where we – as an independent boutique firm - will make a difference is on strategic relevance, quality of our work, creativity and dedication to our clients and their policy or legislative files and matters. We are mindful of the client’s interests but also of the relevance of our work in the interest of the EU and its stakeholders overall.

We commit to the highest professional standards of corporate governance and transparency. We are aware of the world in which we live and the communities of which we are an integral part and shall contribute part of our time and resources supporting vulnerable groups and individuals in that community. We are proud to be able to give.